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Clyde Long , had inside connections with the Martinez judiciary, i. Judge Steven K. Okay RT.

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On the record Judge Austin is allowing the architect and his three attorneys to play fast and loose with his court and helped them to correct deficiencies in their lawsuit by coaching them. The whistle blower was retaliated against and thrusted into a rigged court because she exposed the systemic corruption in the offices of the county of Contra Costa and the tax collector, Gus Kramer.

Judge Austin on the record stated he found attorney misconduct entertaining when presented with evidence of witness intimidation, declaration tampering and obstruction of justice committed by three attorneys, Clyde Long, Brandon Dooley and Dewey Wheeler who represented State Farm Insurance. David Miller of Moraga was selected by Judge Austin as the discovery referee and paid by state Farm insurance. He too consistently ignored attorney misconduct and was actively engaged in legally abusing the whistle blower.

The court record shows that right from the inception the case was rigged. Austin admitted that he personally hand-picked the case because he found it to be interesting. The complaint alleges that Judge Steven K. A lot of money. When she refused to relinquish her property rights, the officials with the help of Judge Austin retaliated. They schemed a plan to manipulate the trial to come up with a fake money judgement that the whistle blower could not pay. None of the officials apparently did anything to stop the commission of the crimes by Contra Costa County officials. Joe Losado admitted to the attorney that the architect did not have any permits on file.

DA Moawad stated in writing that he was going to continue investigating Orinda officials for failure to open a code enforcement against the architect. Several series of emails prove the public officials were complicit in committing crimes against the whistle blower. Click Here. The court files demonstrate that the Board of Supervisors and Judge Steven Austin have committed egregious violations in order to silence the whistleblower and prevent the whistleblower from being able to seek appropriate remedy and redress.

Judge Austin conducted an expensive jury trial in in which the jurors were provided with manipulated instructions that biased the jury improperly. In addition, according to several jurors and the transcripts, Judge Austin gave them a jury instruction that was not part of the record. Sample kangaroo trial transcripts.

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The whistleblower accuses Contra Costa County Supervisor Candace Andersen for failing to mitigate and offer appropriate redress. Incidentally, her husband Philip Andersen works exclusively for State Farm Insurance as defense counsel. As stated in a law review article by Orlando J. The true desire of the trespasser is to cause delay and distraction. State and Federal Statutes show the definition of the criminal offense of extortion as follows:. Extortion is the obtaining of property or other consideration from another, with his or her consent, or the obtaining of an official act of a public officer, induced by a wrongful use of force or fear, or under color of official right.

Click here for the article. It was just outright nixed—as if it never existed. All of this was obviously known to the Board of Supervisors.

Federal prosecutors have the authority and jurisdiction to hold judges accountable for their unlawful conduct by charging them with a federal crime. County Assessor Market Street, Ste.

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contra costa county property tax records Contra costa county property tax records
contra costa county property tax records Contra costa county property tax records
contra costa county property tax records Contra costa county property tax records
contra costa county property tax records Contra costa county property tax records
contra costa county property tax records Contra costa county property tax records

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