Dui convictions in kenosha county wisconsin

You can lose your license, pay costly fines and even land in jail.

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Beyond the court-imposed punishments, drunk driving convictions create a permanent criminal record and daunting social stigma. In both Illinois and Wisconsin, that number is.

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That standard can be lower for commercial vehicle drivers and those under 21 years old. Once you have been stopped by police, a field sobriety test may be conducted.

If you fail, law enforcement can conduct a breathalyzer test at the scene, and back at the police station after your arrest. If your BAC tops the legal limit, charges will be brought.

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Detection of a controlled substance that impairs your ability to drive can also be a reason to charge you criminally. OWI Lawyers in Wisconsin Being convicted of a DUI in Wisconsin can have serious repercussions in your life. It's very important that you contact a DUI attorney to see how you can prepare to handle this difficult time. Call now for immediate help with your DUI case.

Kenosha County Sheriff Says Suspects In Wheatland Shooting In Custody

Taking your DUI or drunk driving case through the court process can be even more intimidating. Established in , our firm has a strong reputation and a deep understanding of local court procedures. Our attorneys, partners Terry Rose and Christopher Rose, will aggressively defend against a suspended or revoked license with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation as well as defend your rights against any criminal charges. Our clients, who reside in both Wisconsin and Illinois, often worry about how a DUI conviction will affect their driving privileges and how it might impact their careers — particularly if they drive as part of their occupation.

Our attorneys understand these concerns, and have the knowledge and skill to build a strong defense strategy.

Illinois & Wisconsin DUI/OWI Attorney

As part of that strategy, we will investigate breath test results and procedures used to obtain them, and look for any possible violations of your Fourth Amendment rights. Depending on the situation and your wishes, we are fully prepared to defend you during a criminal trial or negotiate on your behalf for alternative sentencing, reduced jail time or to drop charges completely. We also handle DUI appeals cases.

Dui convictions in kenosha county wisconsin
Dui convictions in kenosha county wisconsin
Dui convictions in kenosha county wisconsin
Dui convictions in kenosha county wisconsin
Dui convictions in kenosha county wisconsin

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