Fake dogs that look like people

She was beside herself. I think that episode has made her much more reactive to actual dogs and people outside the car now. She actually likes most other dogs we meet on walks but does not like a rear nose sniff. She greets dogs head on, and if they try to rear sniff her, she whips around.

Not the best meeting behavior. Love this post!

Here’s Why People With Fake Service Dogs Are The Worst

Right there on stage you were using a fake labbie to elicit and evaluate reactivity! Stan lives in the garage a fact which makes me a little sad, I must admit , and on more than one occasion has startled me in the dark. Thank you, Tricia for all the ways you help, educate and support all of us who work with animals. You are precious! Interesting post and sequence of greeting styles of your lovely dogs. You mentioned a problem of using fake dog was the stiffness. I wonder if using a shadow projection that you could contol the movements of would be helpful?

My older dog has always been nervous about anything new or different in her environment. All of a sudden she was growling and her tail was up. Until I saw she was afraid of a small plastic object that was out of place. She is now almost 15 and just the other night she was happily chewing on a marrow bone and suddenly looked up and started growling. It took me forever to figure it out. I had had a large box delivered earlier in the week and it was leaning up against the wall. She finally noticed it.

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Rather than as if it was a real dog, but just that it was something strange and new. My other dog, as usual, would most certainly not be able to care any less, cuz that is how he rolls. For instance, when his wife is out of town, he puts her on facetime and shows it to his dog. The dog has no reaction. I had no idea. So much for the dog expert label. But to get back to the question: I think fake dogs may be more reliable at telling how a dog reacts to strange objects rather than another dog.

A neighbor installed a concrete pig in his front yard, about the size of a 50 lb dog. It is in a slightly forward-leaning, very assertive looking pose. After going around the block, he let me approach from the rear, but remained as far away as possible at the end of his 6 foot leash.

The next day, as we approached from the front, he did a noticeable double-take and apparently realized it was fake. These stories are so interesting! I can totally see how a dog who greets a dummy in a friendly way is unlikely to be unfriendly to a real dog. Are they fooled or not? Are they creeped out or not? How fast to they recover if they are creeped out? I think the answers to all of these questions could potentially give us lots of insights into how our dogs see and think about the world.

For instance, of my two, Sandy is generally more reactive. She has a bigger reaction to startling or threatening stimuli and once frightened, remains upset much longer than Otis.

BUT, she is less socially sensitve by a mile- when she greets a new dog, her m. However, unlike Sandy, Otis recovers very quickly from being alarmed or suspicious. Years ago he absolutely flipped out about a piece of construction equipment parked in such a way as to appear to be looming ominously over a ridge at the dog park. He pulled out all the stops, staring, barking, trying to block everyone dog and human away from it, piloerecting, the works. However, the minute I walked up and touched it despite his vociferous objection, he deflated like a balloon, gave it a quick sniff, and trotted nonchalantly off without a backward glance.

I have to think that used in a nuanced way, this type of test does tell us something about how dogs behave in the world. Then they are not interested. A robotic dog scares one of my Border Collie s who runs to her crate.. In my opinion use of a stuffed dog to test aggression would not be very reliable. It might be an indicator for some dogs but others not at all and the reaction to a real dog might be a big surprise.

Also, it seems we are mostly talking about large stuffed dogs. Some dogs are aggressive toward small dogs. LisaW story reminds me of something I had forgotten. There is one walk we take past a house that has two large stone statues of a hound type dog on top of the wall on either side of the gate, almost like they are guarding.

In fact, her approach to real people and dogs is low and submissive with a deep tail swing and total, panting excitement.


These 19 states are cracking down on fake service dogs

I wonder if there would be a difference if the stuffed dog was a golden retriever instead of a Rottweiler or GSD which are the 2 that I usually see used …or for that matter if it was of a chihuahua or yorkie, if size makes a difference at all. I think just selecting the use of fake dogs as the sole predictor of dog-dog aggression seems too narrow focused. I think it is a much safer route for assessment than to use a live dog when working with an unpredictable case. Of course a live dog is always preferred. Do they skip that part all together?

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Are they always using their personal dog? I have been diligently working on resocializing my fear aggressive rescue and was wondering what your thoughts were on using fake dogs for that as opposed to just evaluating with them? She has been in classes with other dogs for about a year now but she does not have any actual contact with the other dogs and will get scared if she is allowed to watch them. My 30lb mutt, Pippa, regularly encountered two dog statues on our daily walk.

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What intrigued me was that she repeatedly day after day went to check out the GSD, but never bothered with the Retriever again. After a couple months, she stopped checking in with the GSD even. I also encouraged her to check out a large dragon statue one of my neighbors had, but she never showed any interest or fear about the dragon. I use a fake dog during my Reactive Dog Protocol. This is introduced around Lesson 4 or 5 after they have learned strong foundational exercises that include body language, attention and distance.

I work this dog at one end of the studio while my client works their dog at the other end. Fun Stuff! When new things come in the house anything too big to put in his mouth and carry around , he barks high-pitched and seems nervous. Dogs are also highly superstitious, making strong correlations between places or things and particular events, especially negative or scary ones.

And, much a some people like to say that dogs live solidly in the here and now, without dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, those of us who work with fearful and reactive dogs see how dogs do, indeed, worry about what may happen if they try something new or do something differently. It seems that past experience may contribute to present anxiety. I think we see a lot of fascinating stuff when dogs encounter fake dogs.

Surely they know that these are not real animals. Yet they frequently respond to fake dogs as though they might be real. That happens when the toy is at a distance and it also happens when close up. That toy is not allowed to be on any of the furniture including coffee tables and the dining table. Penny sometimes engages in frequent, long sessions, humping the toy retriever from every possible angle, then dragging it under the piano not a favourable resting place. Or maybe researchers are more comfortable with predator-prey activity?

Most of our dogs acted very similarly to the way they did with real dogs. About halfway up the street, one of the home-owners has decorated her fence with three wooden cut-outs that depict a woman chasing two kids with a rolling pin raised over her head. Every so often, one of the dogs I walk has a marked response to the cut-outs. The little beagle mix this morning went wide-eyed and had to curve his body around in a very careful semi-circle until he could sniff the heels of the woman silhouette, then relaxed and carried on.

One of the instructors bought a couple of fake Rotties for use in private sessions. As a result, these stuffed dogs are always in the room. As a result, I have seen many probably a couple dozen by now dogs respond to these dogs. They might be crappy greeters, they might be studious ignorers; they might be fearful-acting with real dogs but went ballistically aggressive at the fake dog; etc.

20 Dogs So Tiny These Pictures Look Fake

And 2 dogs who reacted about the same as to a real dog, whether nonchalant, cautious, or aggressive. Very few had no reaction, but socially savvy, confident ones usually approach with a little visible trepidation, sniff, and forget about it not a dog, not relevant, appears to be the conclusion. The overreactors also tended to include those dogs who reacted intensely to seeing themselves in the mirrors.

This is a big, big, big false positive rate! These have been both on most and off a few leash. She has been in a couple of damage-free scuffles and inflicted one minor bite in an ongoing day care conflict no more day care, not to worry , and can be loud on leash. Well, this dog charged the stuffed Rottie, grabbed it by the neck, took it down and shook the bejesus out of it — she does not do this with toys, and she does not do this with dogs.

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Her sensitive mom was freaked, but I pointed out this was not realistic. Years ago, while socializing my young standard poodle, Jack, I took him for a walk in town.

Fake dogs that look like people
Fake dogs that look like people
Fake dogs that look like people
Fake dogs that look like people
Fake dogs that look like people
Fake dogs that look like people

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