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Gaining ownership of land with debt—Frequently asked questions. How are possession, ownership, and title to property related? What are the differences between them? What types of debt could an owner incur on a property?

What is a lien? How is a lien different from other types of debt? What to do if a vacant lot has a lien on it. How do I determine if this lien exists on my garden? Mechanics liens What are they? Contractors and subcontractors can file a lien claim with the Court of Common Pleas, and you can search for pending or previous mechanics lien actions brought against a property owner in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas at courts.

Mortgage liens What are they? Mortgage liens are legal claims against a mortgaged property from a bank that holds a mortgage loan for the property, which must be paid when the property is sold. The absence of a mortgage foreclosure action, however, does not always mean that there is not an outstanding mortgage on the property.

PGW Gas liens What are they? PGW liens, or Gas liens, are filed against properties for unpaid gas bills. The Department of Records at City Hall has this information. You can also search for execution actions involving gas liens. These cases occur when the City files a lawsuit against a property owner for the amount of unpaid gas bills. To search online, go to courts. Real estate tax liens What are they?

City of Philadelphia: Property Information

Real estate tax liens may be issued by local governments as a way to collect real estate taxes, such as Philadelphia property taxes, that have gone unpaid by property owners. If the taxpayer does not pay the taxes due, the tax lien holder can gain title by foreclosing on the property.

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Utility liens What are they? Utility liens are imposed against property for unpaid utility bills.

Pennsylvania State Records

The Department of Records at City Hall has information on utility liens. You can also search for execution actions involving utility liens at www. Water and Sewer liens What are they? Water and sewage liens are imposed against property for unpaid water or sewer bills.

Lancaster PA Recorder of Deeds Office

How to Obtain Land Through Adverse Possession Gaining land ownership through adverse possession in Philadelphia requires a 21 year statutory period before you can obtain the title to the land or property. About Neighborhood Gardens Trust The Neighborhood Gardens Trust is a crucial resource for the preservation of gardens and community green space, providing a trust for public land in Philadelphia.

Read About Neighborhood Gardens Trust. Conservatorship of Vacant Properties Conservatorship is a helpful tool to obtain the rights to manage a property in order to return it to productive use and into compliance with code. Read Conservatorship of Vacant Properties. Read Gardening Without Ownership. Read Licenses, Permits, and Regulations.

Water For Your Garden There are several options in Philadelphia for providing water to gardens and urban farms. Read Water For Your Garden. It promotes new construction, jobs and an expanded tax base. For new construction, the benefit can be quite substantial. As such, the owner of a newly built and abated property only pays taxes on the value of the land for the first ten years after the property has been developed.

While critics of the year tax abatement like to portray this break as unfair, they ignore the fact that the abatement program encourages new construction and rehabilitation of properties in many Philadelphia neighborhoods. The abatement has worked to revitalize communities, provide well-paying construction jobs, attract and retain residents, attract home- and business-owners to the City of Philadelphia and reduce development costs for commercial and residential projects. They do an extensive remodel of their kitchen. Over the ten-year life of the abatement, their tax bill can still increase if other components of their property are determined to have increased in value; e.

What to Bring

But, even if the value of their remodeled kitchen goes up, they still will not pay taxes on the value of that remodel until after ten years. All property owners in Philadelphia are eligible for the tax abatement. Be current on your property taxes; i.

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  4. Any property owner who makes improvements is eligible for an abatement, provided they meet the three criteria enumerated above. In a word, yes! The latest city data clearly show that the tax abatement program has been good for the city in multiple ways:.

    free property records philadelphia pa Free property records philadelphia pa
    free property records philadelphia pa Free property records philadelphia pa
    free property records philadelphia pa Free property records philadelphia pa
    free property records philadelphia pa Free property records philadelphia pa
    free property records philadelphia pa Free property records philadelphia pa

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