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Presumably Plettenberg Bay was then chartered. Over trees were planted by the club. In October it was agreed that no money received from the general public would be used for running the Club. The principle of giving Merit Awards was approved. In August the Plettenberg Bay members considered whether to form their own club, but decided that it was too early.

There were no escorts and the Club protested against this in writing. Her financial position was poor due to incorrect processing in Australia. She had come from a sheep station, so enjoyed the trip immensely. They also took her to Kimberley. In June our members were encouraged to become blood donors. Frank was also the District Conference Secretary. Although three other committee members were in Cape Town everything went off like clockwork at Plettenberg Bay in April. She also acted as scribe for the couple, which was of great assistance in compiling the history of the club.

A spectacles project was begun and in July the specs were sent to Zambia and Swaziland. Most of this was raised by morning markets, jumble sales, etc. R was sent to Angolan refugees in South West Africa. Thanks to Vocational Service, in October 16 Knysna girls visited the Knysna Hospital — not for check-ups but to learn about nursing!

Charles later resigned from Rotary when women became members. The District Conference was held at Hermanus toward the end of April.

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During the dancing Phyllis and Winnie Dick were fortunate in having six men to choose from and Phyllis won a bottle of champagne. Frank Dick presented him with the award at the Oudtshoorn dinner. Over 34 boxes of books were delivered. Winnie Dick found the food to be too salty, as the caterers came from the mines in the desert. In April more books were sent to the Boys on the Border. Winnie Dick noticed that many of the ladies wore the new suede coats and she was green with envy! Frank Dick was very busy with it. It ran for three days and was a great success.

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The Conference was held at Stellenbosch. Ladies were given lace frills to put in their hair while the men wore hats with huge ostrich feathers in them. Six Knysna Rotarians and Anns were present. She left on 15 July, having been an excellent ambassador for her country. The 5th Tuesday evenings were to be dinners with the Anns. Lucky was to serve as a mayor of Knysna and died in The Golf Day was held on 21 March, It was agreed that books which were not good enough to be sent to the Boys on the Border would be sold from the Hut.

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Over boxes 12, books had been sent already. There were still 60, Centenary envelopes to be sold. On 4 May charter date the year anniversary was celebrated. Jack Case had run the International Service for the full period. Bill Anderson said that when meetings had been held at the golf club, the meals had been brought from the Knysna Hotel. Subsequently meetings had been held at the Leisure Isle Hotel.

The club strength stood at In August it was suggested that a Rotaract or Interact Club be started. Rotarian Hennie Kirsten would continue publicity for Hobbies in Action. In December club members attended a function at the Plett Angling Club to meet Rotarian caravaners from overseas. The organizer, a large man from Blackpool, recognized Frank and Winnie Dick so greeted them.

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The Conference was held in Upington and Knysna Rotarians met up with many old friends there. Winnie Dicks fortunately remembered to take a cardigan as well as summer clothes. The club looked into the possibility of inviting Coloured members to join and of sponsoring Black students. A coach load of Rotarians then left for the Conference in Windhoek. Over 25, books had been sent to the Border by the club. She was hosted by the Van Halderens. It was agreed that Sunday afternoon trips for Loeriehof residents would be limited to three cars.

Charles Abbott was presented with a Paul Harris award. Instead of a Christmas party the club had oysters and champagne on pleasure cruisers belonging to Rotarians. In November members were castigated for not selling enough tickets for the premiere of a Tarzan movie. The Anns had excelled though. Books for the Border had become a Community Service project. Winnie Dick died of a duodenal ulcer hemorrhage on 13 July Frank and she had agreed that the survivor of them should go on living, so he tried to do so. In May the club made R3 profit from hosting a Tour of overseas Rotarians.

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There were 27 people there, ranging in age from 18 to The Picardi Knysna Cycle Tour took place for the first time. During the following years the Rotary Club assisted them in its running. It was agreed that the target set for our club was over-ambitious. Exchange Student Lisa Greathouse was being hosted by the Leaches and had not wished to write the year end examinations! Ray began the Bonanza Club which proved a great success.

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He won gold medals and awards while there. Lisa Greathouse left at the end of June. Ray Monk and the Bonanza Club committee reported that the last draw would be held in September and a finger supper enjoyed then. A profit of R11 was made. A Paul Harris award for Ron Bird was proposed and agreed to. Her did well at his studies and excelled at sport. A few years later his mother flew to the States to attend his graduation — and bring him home! The Rotarians also donated a second-hand kombi for use by the municipality for the TB project. This was replaced with a red TB project vehicle in , and this one is still in use!

They were horrified and thought it very unfair that younger women with careers could become Rotarians, but that they would not have the opportunity. It took 6 years before the first female Rotarians joined the Knysna Club and they had both been members of Rotary Clubs elsewhere already. They believed that the TB medication given to patients at its clinics was less effective if taken on an empty stomach. They wanted nutritious sandwiches to be supplied daily for patients to have with their medication.

The club assisted with providing ablution facilities for the Blacks who were being moved from the Witlokasie site. Otherwise the provision of wheelchairs was being considered. The Plettenberg Bay Club had raided our club and afterwards complained in their club bulletin about the quality of fellowship manifested by Knysna members. The purchase of a mobile anti-TB clinic was approved, being a converted Auto Villa. The Kombi is still in use.

pdwowza.vidgyor.com/hacia-la-perfeccin-espiritu-cuerpo-la.php He elected to read a newspaper during the trip so it fell rather flat. Frank concluded that the almighty dollar was the main method used in selecting Exchange Students in America. An introductory meeting had been held to form a Probus club. The Naval Cadets requested assistance in refurbishing the old bus shed and to buy a boat.

The club advanced them R3 provided that they assisted with the Cycle Tour in July. Details of the relationship between the Cycle Club and the Rotary Club must be codified. Bill Anderson was made an honorary member of the club. The Cycle Tour had been successful but with only entries there seemed little prospect of earning a substantial income from it. As the Sea Cadets had not assisted with the Cycle Race they were informed that they must assist with another project in order to repay the R3 we had paid for their boat.

Fifteen members of the club had voted against ladies being admitted to the club.

history off green mountain car club History off green mountain car club
history off green mountain car club History off green mountain car club
history off green mountain car club History off green mountain car club
history off green mountain car club History off green mountain car club
history off green mountain car club History off green mountain car club
history off green mountain car club History off green mountain car club
history off green mountain car club History off green mountain car club
history off green mountain car club History off green mountain car club

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