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Discover what Findmypast has to offer - get started today! Massachusetts and its inhabitants have played a crucial role in American history. The first New England settlers founded Plymouth Colony in — the Puritans are by far the most well-known pre-revolutionary Americans. As the colonies grew, Boston became the cradle of the revolution, and Massachusetts countrymen were among the first to rise up against the Crown. Our records for Massachusetts go back farther into the past than any other state in America, capturing key details of the people who lived in these historic times.

While the state's early inhabitants survived on fishing, agriculture and trade, Massachusetts became a key manufacturing center during the 19 th century. Scores of immigrants came directly to Massachusetts looking for work, and many can be found in our passenger logs from this time period.

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Overall, Massachusetts records are some of the best-kept of any state — an impressive feat considering how far they go back. The license may not be copied.

The clergyman or Justice of the Peace will file the original marriage license in the place where it was issued by the tenth 10th day of the next month and then it is possible for the couple to obtain certified copies of their license. Anyone anticipating marriage is strongly encouraged to call the City Clerk's Office to confirm the requirements for obtaining a marriage license as there are exceptions to the general requirements outlined here.

Phone: Before a child is born, a putative father can file a Notice of Intent to Claim Paternity with the court in any county in Michigan. By filing a notice of intent to claim paternity, this person will be presumed to be the father of the child unless the mother denies that the claimant is the father. This notice will be admissible in court.

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Timely filing of this notice entitles the putative father notice of any hearing involving that child to determine the identity of the father of the child and any hearing to determine or terminate his paternal rights to the child. The Notice of Intent to Claim Paternity must be filed with the court prior to the birth of the child. In order to be accepted for filing, the form will need to be fully completed and notarized.

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The Affidavit of Parentage form can be used to establish the parentage after the birth of a child and may be used to have information on the father of a child added to the certificate of birth for the child. This affidavit may be completed at the time of the child's birth or at any other time after the birth. Completion of this affidavit is voluntary.

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It indicates the parents' wish to acknowledge parentage of a child. It is intended for use by couples who were not married at the time the child was conceived, nor at the time of birth.

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Proper completion of the form is very important. Forms that are not properly completed will not be accepted for filing.

Index marriage massachusetts record search
Index marriage massachusetts record search
Index marriage massachusetts record search
Index marriage massachusetts record search
Index marriage massachusetts record search
Index marriage massachusetts record search
Index marriage massachusetts record search
Index marriage massachusetts record search

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