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Have checked my edr, phone, credit, bank and damn near everything except my own DNA. They have not come to me ONE time for anything. I have had to do everything footwork myself and have been going at this over 70 days on my own This insurance company has been rude, accusing and vile towards me on most phone calls. Progressive put the kaibosh on me. They first gave me a very reasonable quote. I told them I would take my business elsewhere. They then informed me that it would be an additional 50 dollars to cancel my policy. Very, very unprofessional and criminal like.

Never again. You are warned before accepting their smooth talk.

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Very disappointed. They went up on my insurance without letting me know. What the heck! This is so not fair. They rip you off!!!! Progressive Insurance is one of the country's largest auto insurance companies and has been offering auto insurance since The company is headquartered just outside of Cleveland, OH.

Name your price: Progressive has a unique program for auto insurance that allows people to enter their budget and find a plan that matches closest with what they can afford. Snapshot program: The company offers a device called Snapshot, which plugs into a car and reports stats about a motorist's driving habits. This can help ensure that a driver is paying the right amount for their insurance. Progressive app: Progressive has an app that allows its customers to access their information from their mobile devices, in case they need it while they are away from a PC.

Loyalty rewards: Progressive's Loyalty Rewards Program gives customers points for loyalty, and it offers benefits like Accident Forgiveness. Best for: New drivers, drivers who just purchased a car, and drivers who don't do much driving but own a car. Matthew Brodsky is an established expert on insurance, having written hundreds of articles and other pieces of content on the subject, interviewed countless practitioners, and attended dozens of conferences and events.

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PROS Discounts for most drivers Direct model means lower rates Fast claims process Add-ons like roadside assistance and gap insurance Exceptional customer service. Sort: Top reviews. Top reviews. Most helpful. Filter by: Any. Page 1 Reviews 1 - Original review: Sept.

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Original review: Aug. Not sure how to choose? Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. Original review: Jan. Original review: Dec. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. Cost to the company will never be recovered thru cost of my policies. Also policy cost is in line with other large companies but defiantly not cheap. However the agent seemed reluctant to send me the quote via email.

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Go figure. HY, Its my first visit to your blog and i have found it so useful and informative. I am also looking to get my car insurance and searching top companies that provides best services. Amazing list you have provided, i like USAA.

USAA is great, but only for military families. Look at every website you find and get all the quotes you can. I am glad to see USAA at the bottom; but it should not be on the list at all. I am currently going through a claim with them total loss, I got rear ended, pushed into the car in front of me and they hit the car in front of them; not at fault. I have all correspondence recorded and proof of them lying to me, and using made up regulations to justify it. When asked for the reference for said regulations, I am ignored.

I have been throwing WAC at them, quote after quote as to how they are being unruly. I will be more than happy to provide a copy of our correspondence with PII edited, obviously , proving how bad USAA is at customer service and how willing they are to break the rules if it benefits them. Email me if you want to see it. I finally had enough and contacted the Washington State Insurance Commissioner; USAA has until the middle of this month to respond to them… We will see what happens next.

Matthew thanks for posting this. USAA has gone down the tubes, I dont get it, a simple claim recently for auto, turned into a nightmare.

Maybe its time for me to shop around. I think since Hurricane Sandy, hit the east coast, all the insurance companies have probably put on their nasty hats. Still working on it. I beg to differ on USAA. I had been a loyal customer for over 15 years. My first claim on property went okay. August will make a year on lightening. Now flash forward present day. Last month I had a wreck.


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It was not my fault. Now mind you my Escalade is totalled. The frame is warped among many other things. You are finishing it with my lawyer… click. I hurt.

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Just no way. Get a lawyer!! I had Allstate and they never fought for me or my family even though we were paying more than we are paying now. Over where we are at, the speed limit for the highway is There was hardly anyone on the road so my husband drive on the far left since there is a lot of exits in the far right lane. This woman pulled out in the far left lane doing But Always was already assuming it was his fault even though they can review the car to see how fast he was going and who was in the wrong.

I am glad we dropped them and moved to USAA. They are the best! Sorry there is a few typing errors. I have had Progressive for years and have never had any trouble. My car got plowed into by a deer, and Progressive was reasonable to deal with. Their rates are also about the best I can find. We bundle in our home insurance through some licensed third party and save even more! Our rates just actually went down this past 6-month period which was a pleasant surprise.

Thanks providing this list and your advice! Claims and customer service are not the issue with them. After said years of faithfully paying my insurance on time and renewing each year I accidently back into a car in my driveway. The cars were repaired without incident. I am hunting for a new auto insurance carrier since GEICO obviously thinks driving is perfect and accidents never happen.

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I was just hit in the rear while stopped at a stop sign. I am trying to go through the collision coverage I am supposed to have only to have GEICO tell me that I removed this coverage a few months ago. The fact of the matter is I did not remove this coverage and never would have done that or agreed to that.

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look for find progressive insurance car insurance Look for find progressive insurance car insurance

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