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Search engines rely heavily on content for keywords and phrases that help promote your website to the top. This is one of the key components of good SEO and is truly doing the small business owner no justice online compared to custom designed websites. Lack of Retaining Visitors and Attracting New: Due to the lack of intrigue and user friendliness these yellow pages website lack, it is extremely difficult for any website that has these standards to attract, as well as retain visitors.

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Getting web visitors to view the website is one thing, but if they perceive the website as dull, boring and looks like a high school kid designed it, what will they think of your business and reputation? The rate of conversion, that of which one takes action after entering your website and becomes a loyal customer is the ultimate goal. Lack of Web 2. However, it appears from research that these options are limited to market your yellow pages website.

Look at a few yellow page websites listed from the search link above and you will notice there is no or little trace of any social media integration, truly missing out on easy and free marketing. They say then can guarantee your website on the front page of Googles search results. This is a deliberate misinterpretation to entice you into more obligations and of course money in my opinion.

All search engines continually change their algorithm of how they rank search engines and no one, besides the top Google and Bing Engineers know this algorithm which ultimate decides if you or your competitor should place in the top three pages. There are some distinguished elements that even Google states that websites must have to even have a chance.

And looking at many of the yellow page websites they are lacking many key features preventing them from getting on the front page, let alone top 3 pages. They often lack keywords, lengthy content, title and descriptions to name a few.

Yellow Pages: Evolving to Survive Mass Extinction

Read more about SEO and see for yourself. Not so today. The convenience of "set it and forget it" is now trumped by the more labor intensive but productive SEM options. Advertising in Yellow Pages, on or offline, is not a branding exercise. It is purely lead generation. So, it is not hard to understand what your own ROI is for this marketing initiative, or at the very least where your break-even point is for each campaign:.

That is more than one call a day from your Yellow Page ad, in this example.

People especially older demographics do still reach for the printed Yellow Pages when they need a local business in a hurry. For instance, plumbers should think hard before they ditch their local phone books. Times have changed and nowadays, people's first reactions when they need information is to look online. If I need someone to work on my yard, I look online. If I need someone to work on my roof, I look online.

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If I need a mechanic for my car, I look online. There's just not enough information to make an informed decision, especially in such a small limited space in the Yellow Pages. Did you know that a match-box sized ad in the Yellow Pages to put it in perspective is about the same as being on page 10 position of Google's search results… which is quite useless, to put it bluntly, since it is hardly visible. When was the last time you scrambled around to find the yellow pages to find the phone number of a local business to call?

I can't remember the last time I did that. As a business owner, the last thing that I would want to do is give my prospects a detailed list of my local competitors, including addresses and phone numbers. But that is exactly what the yellow pages do. Most searches now begin online, and people's first reactions when they need complete information is to look online.

Using search engine optimization, you can differentiate yourself and your business from everyone else so that when a potential customer is looking for what you do, they find you, and not all your competitors.

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Unlike a web page, you cannot update your ad to add something important or highlight a special new offer. Once the ad goes to print, you're stuck with it for a year, mistakes or not, and those do happen, until the next year's ad cycle. With a website, you can promote yourself and show off your business to its best advantage. No size, color, or media limitations. Try putting a video in a yellow page ad.

Comparison - Business Website versus Yellow Page Advertisement

Update at any time, make special offers, let visitors know about new products and services or special promotional offers, such as seasonal or holiday specials. Future Marketing Potential:. Yellow Pages:. Hanging onto a yellow page ad in the age of the Internet is like continuing to make horse-pulled buggies back when automobiles were gaining popularity. Sure, people will still want buggies, but a lot more people want cars.

How to collect USA Local data from Yellowpages

A yellow pages ad is no longer a cost-effective advertising option and its appeal and use is continually spiraling downward.

Money business websites the yellow pages web yellow pages
Money business websites the yellow pages web yellow pages
Money business websites the yellow pages web yellow pages
Money business websites the yellow pages web yellow pages
Money business websites the yellow pages web yellow pages
Money business websites the yellow pages web yellow pages
Money business websites the yellow pages web yellow pages
Money business websites the yellow pages web yellow pages

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