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However, further development seems to be necessary to ensure fully exploitation of the requested smart grids investments. Twenty doctors from Kosovo were unable to attend an international anaesthesiology conference held in Barcelona in June. Spanish diplomats did not allow it because they were nationals of a state not recognised by Spain.

Is the Commission aware of this situation? What steps will the Commission take to resolve this situation? The Commission is aware of the situation which Kosovar nationals wishing to travel to Spain face. The Commission is currently examining the Spanish authorities' interpretation and implementation of the common visa policy to verify whether they are in line with the legal provisions. Medienberichten zufolge ist ab 1. Liegt die Steuerhoheit nicht mehr weiterhin bei den Mitgliedstaaten?

Does the description above match the reality?

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If so, since when has the Commission had the competence to introduce such a tax? Is the raising of taxes no longer a competence of the Member States? When and how will these businesses know for certain about the changes in taxation? Exactly which companies will be subject to the new taxation? What is the reasoning behind the random threshold of five horses? Is it not the case that a horse riding stable is still a small one?

How does the Commission justify the existential threat posed to many of these small businesses? Seventy-five per cent of riding enthusiasts are aged under Horse-riding allows young people the chance to be active in the natural environment and provides contact with animals. It is to be expected that the additional costs incurred would be passed on to customers, thereby pushing up the cost of riding.

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Beschwerden entgegennehmen. Wenn ja, mit welchen Ergebnissen? Wenn nein, warum nicht? Wie kann eine effektive Umsetzung und Kontrolle der Einhaltung der Safe-Harbor-Datenschutzregeln sichergestellt werden? Die Studie Galexia ist der Kommission bekannt.

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Others, meanwhile, direct their EU customers, in their terms of use, to organisations that handle complaints for a fee! Is the Commission familiar with the study referred to above? Has the Commission itself carried out or commissioned similar studies into the implementation of the Safe Harbor Agreement in practice? If so, what were the results? If not, why not? How can effective implementation and monitoring of compliance with the Safe Harbor data protection rules be ensured? Is the Commission taking steps to re-negotiate the current agreement in light of the major breaches by US IT firms?

In light of these shortcomings, does it see the need to adopt truly deterrent financial sanctions for IT firms in the General Data Protection Regulation all the more so given the NSA scandal? If so, at what level should they be set?

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The Commission is aware of the Galexia study. The Commission is currently preparing its assessment of the Safe Harbour arrangement and will present it before the end of Ist der Kommission die oben dargestellte Praxis bekannt? Wenn ja, wie? The birds caught are collected and then have their wings broken so that they cannot fly away — they are not killed until later. Is the Commission familiar with the practice described above? If so, has it issued an opinion in this regard? The political chaos in Egypt facilitates illegal hunting.

Does the Commission plan to apply pressure to the Egyptian Government to contain illegal hunting and introduce and safeguard a sustainable form of hunting that ensures the survival of bird populations? If so, how? What options are there at international level?

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The Commission is aware of the issue of the killing of birds in Egypt. The Commission has no legal competence to deal with such issues in a non-Member State. Due to the current political situation in the country the normal cycle of bilateral contacts with Egypt on environmental and related issues has been delayed. As a Party it is legally obliged to ensure compliance with CMS and AEWA , inter alia , aiming at conservation of terrestrial, aquatic and avian migratory species throughout their range.

La legge n. Alla luce della crisi economica che investe l'Italia e del fatto che, nel primo quadrimestre del , 4. Questo approccio e le relative raccomandazioni sono stati approvati dal Consiglio, come indicato sopra. According to the analysis performed by Rete Imprese Italia, the new tax will heavily impact the economic fabric of the country, especially the business and crafts sectors. Study data show that the tax has increased by 4. Control over national expenditure and revenue decisions is the competence of national authorities. The Commission monitors compliance with the budgetary targets set out in the Treaty and secondary legislation, in particular the Stability and Growth Pact.

The Commission also monitors compliance with the recommendations issued by the Council in the context of the European semester. The recommendation was based on the assessment that, while in the short to medium term reducing the overall tax burden is not an option under the current budgetary constraints the tax shift would help reducing the distortionary effects of taxation, as taxes on the environment, property and consumption are considered to be less detrimental to growth.

This approach and the recommendation were endorsed by the Council, as written above. In Italy, this category amounted to less than 0. Oggetto: Misure comunitarie di contrasto alle conseguenze dell'utilizzo dell'amianto. La stima si basa su dati raccolti da RARECARE dai registri dei tumori relativamente a pazienti che hanno ricevuto la diagnosi fra il e il ; le informazioni sullo stato in vita sono aggiornate fino al dicembre ed oltre.

Asbestos is a commonly used material in manufacturing. The direct link between asbestos-related illness and the use of this mineral was only discovered rather recently, considering that it was used in ancient Rome and Greece because of its regional abundance and its properties. In fact, asbestos is strongly resistant to corrosion, tensile stress, and wear; it is chemically and physically stable, provides sound insulation and particularly thermal insulation, and is heat-resistant.

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These qualities led to the widespread use of asbestos in construction, especially during the post-World War II economic boom, for example in gyms, schools, piping, heating and air conditioning systems, fire retardant clothing, buses, trains and brake systems. Given the widespread use of asbestos in many different manufacturing activities over the past decades, the populations of all countries can be considered to have been potentially exposed and consequently susceptible to contracting asbestos-related diseases, including malignant mesothelioma, which is characterised by a long latency period and a very high mortality rate.

Does the Commission consider it appropriate to prepare an action plan coordinated at EU level to effectively deal with problems arising from the long-term use of asbestos? Only few attempts have been made to quantify the global incidence of mesothelioma caused by asbestos , mainly on the grounds that it is a comparatively rare cancer and is not reported in many countries worldwide. Consequently, mesothelioma is not included in the cancer incidence and mortality worldwide database published by the International Agency for Research on Cancer IARC.

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  • The aim is to support the creation of an information network focusing on best practices for treatment of lung mesothelioma. Medical research conducted in this area has highlighted that high, long-term consumption of salt increases the risk of heart attacks or other heart disorders, as well as of strokes and stomach cancer, and can cause chronic kidney disorders.

    In view of the above, can the Commission tell us what actions it has taken in this area in recent months and what measures it intends to take in the near future? The work will also address the reduction of other selected nutrients, with a special focus on saturated fat.

    Future work will include a study carried out by the Joint Research Centre that will look into school meal standards in Member States, including standards in relation to salt levels. It is planned to discuss the findings in the HLG.

    notices rouges interpol pays arrestation provisoire liste Notices rouges interpol pays arrestation provisoire liste
    notices rouges interpol pays arrestation provisoire liste Notices rouges interpol pays arrestation provisoire liste
    notices rouges interpol pays arrestation provisoire liste Notices rouges interpol pays arrestation provisoire liste
    notices rouges interpol pays arrestation provisoire liste Notices rouges interpol pays arrestation provisoire liste
    notices rouges interpol pays arrestation provisoire liste Notices rouges interpol pays arrestation provisoire liste
    notices rouges interpol pays arrestation provisoire liste Notices rouges interpol pays arrestation provisoire liste
    notices rouges interpol pays arrestation provisoire liste Notices rouges interpol pays arrestation provisoire liste

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