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Been Verified Opt Out Of Public Record Database - Spencer Coffman

Even after going through all of these steps, it's possible that you won't completely vanish from the internet. If you're active online, especially if you maintain social media accounts, having some kind of online footprint is hard to avoid. Many online searches simply aggregate publicly available information, and there's always the possibility that new data will appear.

However, taking the time to remove your information from the main services makes you a lot harder for marketers and anyone else to track down. When I did this on the Spokeo site, it looks like I have to join for 3 or 6 months to be able to get into the site to capture the URL. Please advise. From Josh Kirschner on January 13, :: pm. Search for yourself on Spokeo for free. John, Can you help me figure this out? When I do an internet search of my name and town, my info is shown with a link to voter records.

I did opt out of voter records. However, all the info is still on the original search. When I click on the link, it does not show up on the voter records. Name, age, voter info, etc. So if it is deleted on their site, how why does it still show up on the search and more importantly, how can I remove it? All the other sites this was not a problem and my info was removed from the internet search and thei individual site.

But all my personal info still shows up on the internet search for voter records. Plus it is even outdated! I hope you can help. From Josh Kirschner on May 06, :: pm. You just copy the url of where your name shows up in the search, on the page before that. When I type in my name it takes me to my location on a map.

I click on that and it shows that it has info about my address; phone,etc and a link to get the info. That leads to a cost for 3 months or 6 months. Have you tried it? The Spokeo process was just put me into a loop. Fill out opt-out page, get email directing me to fill out opt-out page, rinse, repeat.

How to remove public records from the Internet in five steps | ReputationDefender

The Spokeo process is poorly designed, in that the confirmation email takes you back to the opt-out page, rather than a confirmation message. However, if you search for that listing again, you will see that it has been removed. I get the concern over providing PeopleSmart your email and a password, but I also see why they need it to limit others from removing your information without your consent.

So do i have to create an account on people smart to delete my profile? I was asked to create an account, what did I miss? When I find myself and select This is Me, I have to create an account. Is there no other way to remove my information? Then it prompts me to join and pay. This is ridiculous. From Billy Bod on May 31, :: pm. Keep getting error about not finding the person in Spokeo. I am going to file a complaint with FTC for all the good that will do.

Even when I moved, my address almost immediately showed up. Plus the Credit Reporting agencies like Experian own at least one of these sites. I cannot get a copy of my DL to upload to them. So I found myself on nuwber. So I created an account, sent the link and asked to be removed.

Haha, the joke is on me. They leave it in place, the headers include the information so your result in natural search includes all your data in the description and when you click on the link, it announces you asked them to hide it! Not a US or EU company so no protections. The whole business is dispicable. Same problem with Nuwber. After all, not being subjected to regulation by the government should be a two-way street…. I tried to have mylife. I finally got results when I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Hi, I followed the instructions and first received an email from MyLife.

When you are tired of trying to remove your private information from these disreputable search directories please sign my petition asking Google to remove the People Search Directories from Google Search Results:. I did just as you described and pooof…. Idiot on the phone told me I have 15 profiles.

Then asked me which one is mine!

How the eff am I suppose to know??? I told him to delete all of them and he refused. This company is a cesspool. Any clue on how to remove personal information from cubib.

Remove your personal information from Google

They have no removal instructions. I tried contact them using their online form, and I never heard back.

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From Josh Kirschner on February 14, :: pm. If you do a search for yourself on cubib, it will bring up various pieces of information about you. Click on one and it opens into a popup window. You can send email requests to. JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address but that will not work either. These people will not respond nor will they remove the information.

If anyone figures out how to get through to these jokers, please post here. Please direct me to an existing class action lawsuit against these companies instead. Bait and switch is when you force a consumer to participate. The reason being, it is an unethical behavior for these companies to operate this way. It is not acceptable to even have any business dealings with companies whom have already proven they are not trustworthy.

Any company who claims the use of private information without permission and also a clear shelf life policy for data, is not a company I would trust with one red cent, or one single validation. Still though, mylife has my data, and a few others. So in a fair return and fair engagement, I make a point of populating a lot of my data incorrectly through a broad range of various data input locations.

What are the main types of public records?

One thing is for certain, the data brokers are highly unethical companies. On Cubib. I found my address. You have to send details, they could sell on. I read another website does that.

Opting out of

Anyone been successful?. Are they trustworthy?. I searched their name and found your blog. The contact pages have a form, no email, no phone.

How to remove your information from PublicRecords.Directory?

Why is that. They dont want anyone to know who they are or where they live and want to protect their own privacy.

But they put hundreds of thousands of peoples personal data on their public websites for the whole world to see. Thats hypocritical and kind of sad. Their terms say you cannot use their content without their permission, like you dont even have rights over your own data, I know some laws allow it but I think its unethical and probably only allowed for snooping and profiteering. But they also obtain data illegally. There is a UK website with a searchable database, terms on the page says no redistributing data. People copy it anyway and call it public just because they accessed it.

I complained to the UK company, they said their legal team were looking into it, nothing was done. I had my address changed in the UK database to private, but there are still a few websites with my address from years ago. I was harassed in the past and moved house I am now very private.

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