Sometimes i wish someone out there will find me

Thanks so much Cathy! I really appreciate your comment and compliment. More than you know. Thanks again. I have been an RN for 32 yrs, and with a very sarcastic nature, I have said most of these things.

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I am a very caring nurse and have loved my job, but there are certain individuals who push every button you have at the same time and need the some sarcastic tongue, which is part of their care. Keep up the good work. But it made my week! Absolutely hilarious. I work on a heavy medical floor.

I love my job. But nurses have a certain sense of humor and every once in a while need to laugh rather than rip our hair out. Loved every number on your list! Find myself thinking one, if not more just about every shift. Thanks for the laugh! I truly appreciate your list! Those who respond rudely do not understand the situations we are put in on a daily basis. No, my job description does not include putting up with suggestive comments and I am not a drug dealer here to enable your addiction.

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We CARE about our patients. Im not a nurse, but I met a lot of really nice ones when my husband was in the hospital after his motorcycle wreck. Just wanted you to know that while I was helping my husband some of his roommates made me think the exact same things that you put in your post.

Anyone that read that and thought you were a horrible person should probably spend some time in a hospital helping out. Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate all the kind support. As someone who has chronic health issues, I get to see an awful lot of your guys nurses, of all types day-to-day. I have had all levels of care, from truly disinterested in providing care, to so kind that I thought maybe I HAD died this time, and maybe it was angels, not nurses taking care of me.

All the others were wonderful, at least doing their level best to hide whatever personal stuff they had so they could focus on me and my care. I hate the patients that act entitled to anything over perfunctory care, its almost embarrassing! My point in this is that I want you all to know that there are patients out there that remember you long after discharged from your care and are thankful for you and the care you gave.

And to the people that were negative jerkballs, grow a sense of humor!! Get OVER yourselves! Thanks for the comment! You gave me a smile this day when I really needed it. Very well written and said, hun. You hit the nail on the head, so to speak. I am Proud of you. I enjoyed reading this mostly because it was from the heart.

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Never let anyone discourage you from writing. Accurate and True! We all have thought at least half of those at one time or the other!! No problem!! Screw the haters. Great job. Thank you thank you…I am a nurse and a mother. Have had both jobs for over 20 years. REAL tight. Looking forward to your next post. Thank you for the comment.

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I appreciate it. You nailed it…Nurses role is the most difficult to those difficult patients to handle , but we keep all those words in our mind…. Thank you for sharing… More power to you and to all nurses. I think as nurses we will have or somehow develop a sense of humor to keep ourselves sane! Nursing is challenging but indeed it is a really rewarding and fulfilling profession. Take care kind comrade!

People are idiots, and often think nurses and aides are some kind of super humans with no feelings of their own. Sick though it may be at times to ourselves or a co-worker, it is a way to vent the pent up frustrations we all feel from the job we do. It takes a special person with a special mentality to do what we do and remain sane.

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We are human. Management often forget these things. It is the nurses fault. Them they wonder why so many are burnt out and leave. Or do the bare minimum to get by. I have had to give patients tough love about them not being my only patient.

I am not always very attached to being alive

I have spent much time in hospital settings, and have nothing but love for every nurse that has helped with our family. I also have a big family full of nurses and others who work in hospitals. I saw nothing in that post that would make me think you are anything less than human. No matter what job we have I work with children in a public school environment we are allowed to have thoughts much like your list.

You can still love your job and the people you work with and have bad days. Keep up the writing, I loved the post. I have been an ER doctor for more than 40yrs. ER nurses are some of the most abused professionals in the world.

They bite their tongue a lot.

Sometimes i wish someone out there will find me
Sometimes i wish someone out there will find me
Sometimes i wish someone out there will find me
Sometimes i wish someone out there will find me
Sometimes i wish someone out there will find me
Sometimes i wish someone out there will find me
Sometimes i wish someone out there will find me
Sometimes i wish someone out there will find me

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