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The passing of years frequently brings an increasing need to restore a family link. Investigations can often be put in hand where basic general information is available. Sometimes, other matters to do with identity and relationships can also be dealt with, although each request can only be considered on merit. The daily demands of tracing family members are so great that the Family Tracing Service cannot undertake to trace those with whom no formal relationship exists.

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In such cases, there are usually no transfers, registrations or reference requests to follow up. The Family Tracing Service cannot, therefore, undertake to look for juveniles. This is recognized as a police responsibility.

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It should be noted that The Salvation Army cannot as a rule conduct physical searches. If a child is believed to be in the company of an adult relative whose full name and date of birth can be provided, it may sometimes be possible to make contact with that person.

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Whilst the Department has every sympathy with an adopted person seeking the whereabouts of his or her natural parent, due to current UK legislation we are not able to help in this case. You would need to contact an Adoption Support Agency. The Family Tracing Service cannot act on behalf of a parent or relative wishing to trace a child who was placed for adoption at some time after birth.

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On adoption, a child is issued with a new birth certificate, showing the names of the adoptive parents, and the new names which they have given to the child. It is not enough simply to know the names by which the child was originally registered, since there is no accessible cross-reference between this entry and an adoption record.

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The service exists only for the purpose of trying to restore family relationships, and to encourage reunion and reconciliation. The service can only carry out searches for known relatives, who might be expected still to be alive. It cannot help with Family Trees, or find out whether the enquirer might have relatives.

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Salvation Army Family Tracing Service. Applications can be made online or by phone charged at local rate.

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  6. The key aims are to: Journey with you and offer support throughout the process of searching family, regardless of the outcome, providing a service that is professional, compassionate and non-judgemental. Exhaust all relevant avenues of search providing services to any family.

    However, you may have a family member who you loved and cared for when you were younger, but you fell out of contact with, perhaps because they were a very distant relative you only knew as a child, because they had a falling-out with the rest of your family, or even if things have just gotten busy and you never reached out to them. Here are some of the easiest and simplest. Even if your lost relative is estranged from the family, you may find people who have kept in touch with them, even very infrequently.

    You may also find that some people know a previous address, or heard they were recently involved in something that you could easily use as a jumping-off point. If you have any family friends who knew your relative, they can be helpful too! Try to track your lost relative as far as possible simply by asking around.

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