Us dot identification number on tires

What happens if my DOT number is incomplete, or not there at all?

So while DOT Tire Identification Numbers are commonly but erroneously referred to as the tire's serial number, unlike the serial numbers used on most other consumer goods that identify one specific item, Tire Identification Numbers actually identify production batches. Regulations also require the entire DOT Tire Identification Number to be branded on one sidewall while only the letters "DOT" and the first digits of the Tire Identification Number must be branded onto the opposite sidewall shown below.

Therefore it is possible to see a Tire Identification Number that appears incomplete, yet simply requires looking at the tire's other sidewall to find the complete Tire Identification Number.

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If you do not see it below, simply go to the manufacturer's specific website. Looking for your DOT. The section height is not noted on the sidewall of a tire but it is also measured in millimeters. The section height is approximately the distance from the rim to the tread surface of the tire when it is not carrying any weight. The Uniform Tire Quality Grading System, or UTQG, is a system developed by the government designed to provide consumers with information on tire treadwear, traction, and operating temperature resistance.

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A number, followed by two to three letters, identifies the grade on the sidewall. The treadwear grade is a comparative numerical rating based on the wear rate of the tire when tested under controlled conditions on a specified government test course. For example, a tire graded would wear twice as well on the course as a tire graded The rating increases in point increments.

What The Red And Yellow Dots on Tires Are For And Replacing Tires On An AWD Vehicle

It is important to note that the true performance of a tire depends upon the actual conditions of its use. Actual conditions may depart significantly from the test conditions due to variations in driving habits, service practices and differences in road characteristics and climates. The traction rating indicates the tire's ability to stop a vehicle moving straight forward on wet pavement.

The temperature rating indicates the tire's ability to effectively dissipate heat. The ratings range from A to C, with A being the best. Never exceed the maximum cold inflation pressure for normal driving conditions. This code indicates compliance with all safety standards established by the U. Department of Transportation and provides additional information about the tire manufacturer. The first two numbers or letters are the plant code where the tire was manufactured, and the last three to four numbers represent the week and year the tire was built.

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Tires built in the 's will have three numbers and may have a triangle to note the decade. Examples are below.

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  3. U.S. DOT adds 44 tire plant codes.

The partial DOT serial does not show the week and year that the tire was manufactured, but may still assist consumers in identifying tires should a recall be necessary. The purpose in applying the partial DOT serial number was to facilitate tire identification when the full DOT serial number may have been mounted towards the inboard side of the vehicle, and consequently not visible unless the vehicle was put on a lift for inspection.

The last three digits, , plus the triangle mean this tire was manufactured in the 51st week of In the absence of the decade triangle, this tire would have been made during the 51st week of Back to top. Load Index.

DOT Registration

Load Index Chart. The "R" stands for "radial," indicating the tire has radial construction. The aspect ratio indicates the dimensional relationship of the section height to the section width.

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  • us dot identification number on tires Us dot identification number on tires
    us dot identification number on tires Us dot identification number on tires
    us dot identification number on tires Us dot identification number on tires
    us dot identification number on tires Us dot identification number on tires
    us dot identification number on tires Us dot identification number on tires

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